BAKU Enterprises Ltd., founded in 2007, sells high-quality single-origin teas plucked from estates in Sri Lanka, India and China and artisanal dark chocolate.

After the tea reaches our Halifax facility, we expertly blend the leaves using only the highest quality ingredients such as natural identical maple syrup flavor, organic bergamot extract, Canadian blueberries, cranberries and fresh jasmine.  We also carry many specialty tea varieties such as Rooibos, matcha and dragon pearls, Yerba Mate and Inka.

We import a line of exquisite organic and fair trade Swiss chocolate made with premium exotic ingredients to satisfy the palate of the most sophisticated chocolate lover: baobab fruit, pomegranate, chilli, Stevia and coconut nectar.


Bassir Sobhani
Bedford, NS
902 877 6284

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