FMP empowers investors to earn a predictable rate of return by securing their investment on a mortgage. By providing clients with the opportunity to invest directly in projects from top Canadian development partners, FMP offers investors consistent growth while protecting their investment from market volatility.

In addition to investment opportunities, FMP is driven to deliver competitive mortgage rates, services and options to our clients. Comprehensive underwriting for residential mortgages, commercial mortgages, re-financing and mortgage renewals. FMP has worked to establish an extensive network of access to over 50 major financial institutions, including banks, trust companies, credit unions, pension funds, and other alternative lenders.

FMP agents offer access to financially beneficial opportunities at no cost to clients and prospects. Plus, our trusted relationships with lenders makes it possible for FMP to negotiate the best rates and terms on our clients’ behalf and significantly improve their cash flow.

Contact: Steven Glascock
Address: Founders Square, 1701 Hollis Street Suite 800, Halifax, NS B3J 3M8
Phone: (902)-440-0993

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