Sandler Sales Training

For more than 15 years, the Sandler Training team in NS has trained hundreds of business professionals using a blend of personal experience, proven sales training and leadership techniques. Through our local training center in Bedford, we provide training with lasting improvement rather than the motivational “quick fix” training program and face-to-face support.

Whether your business is local, regional or global, management, leadership, communication and business development skills are fundamental to success. Business owners must lead their organizations; sales managers must lead their sales teams; and sales professionals must lead their clients and prospective clients. Sandler Training has helped business professionals in Atlantic Canada develop, expand, and refine their management, leadership, communication and business development skills. Sandler clients become more effective communicators, learn to set goals and develop plans for achievement, implement processes to manage their time and other resources, to name a few. Sandler also works with organizations who often tell us they provide prospects too much unpaid consulting leading to wasted time and unqualified opportunities, concerned they do not have a defined sales process across the company – salespeople “wing it” and hope they are successful, difficulty in holding their teams accountable to results and behaviors, poor qualification of sales opportunities that could be resulting in longer sales cycles, wasted time and missed revenues or that sales teams may be operating as “vendors” to their clients versus “advisors” often resulting in decisions primarily made on price.

These issues may or may not resonate with you – if they do, reach out and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

Our programs include Sales, Management and Customer Care training and coaching from start-ups to seasoned sales organizations and customized training- new business developers to “non-selling professionals” like engineers, architects, lawyers and accountants.

Contact: Tracey Kieley
Address: 1595 Bedford Highway, Suite 602
Phone: 902.446.0445