The Oyler Group leverages over 75 years combined financial management experience and industry leading research to increase wealth and manage risk.

The Oyler Group is an investment management service that takes both and individual and team approach to wealth management.  As Individual Advisors we manage our own clients (with support from our colleagues when necessary). As a team we share experience, strategies, as well as our overall investment philosophy. We focus on high quality assets and are long term investors, who believe in frequent communication with our clients.

Many of our clients have been with us for years and can attest that we differentiate ourselves through our ability to help build wealth and navigate through complex client situations and black swan events by using our depth and extensive experience (e.g. estate and trust, financial planning, commercial banking, portfolio management, and a network of professionals within and outside of BMO). This allows us to add layers of value on top of our long term successful investment philosophy. We deal with multiple generations of families and are committed to earn their highest satisfaction at every opportunity.

Contact: Michael MacDougall
Phone: 902- 496-1137

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