Vintner’s Cellar is on premise making where the wine maker can experience all the benefits of producing their very own quality wines at an affordable price. Exclusive to Vintner’s Cellar is pure 100% grape juice wine kits, no water is added.

Vintner’s Cellar began more than two decades ago because of a love for great wine. The first custom winery opened in London, Ontario in 1993. Still growing today, Vintner’s Cellar has become a corner stone in the wine making industry, this has been achieved by continuously providing the highest quality products exclusive to the Vintner’s family. First time Vintner’s save $20.00. Get $20.00 off you first batch of wine with us at Vintner’s Cellar.

Contact: Cavell Ferguson & Steve Ballis
Address: 936 Bedford Hwy #103 Bedford, NS B4A 3P1
Phone: (902) 448-9463
Website: Vintner’s Cellar

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